Logistics Management

We Offers Logistics services for our customers. Owners can send urgent spares in transit for their vessel's calling local ports to us as we can arrange cargo clearance and forwarding service for you. We also maintain consignment stock at our warehouse for our customer's fleet of vessels.

Our Services include:


We offer services round the clock throughout UAE & other Middle East ports both alongside & offshore.


M.E.F. owns a large fleet of refrigerated vehicles, pick-up trucks and temperature controlled insulated containers for timely and safe deliveries. Ship Spares in Transit

For all modes of shipment (Air, Sea, Land, courier), we provide clearing and forwarding services and handling of ships stores in transit, including customs clearance, storage, transport and delivery to your vessels in any UAE ports. Hand carry service of urgent spares to other countries in the region is also available. We provide storage services for any of your warranty and emergency spares as well.

Ship spare management

We offer ships spares management for owners cargo. Owners/Managers can send spares/stores in transit for their vessels calling in local ports, those cargos are to be consigned to us, for which we can arrange custom clearance and forwarding services. We also allow temporary storage at our warehouse till vessel' arrival at local port.